Our Members Enjoy The Following Benefits:

  • No lane fees
  • Receive 10% off on ammo, training & gunsmith services
  • Members have priority lane use
  • Members can reserve lanes (1 for an individual membership & 2 for a family membership) with a minimum of 24 hours in advance and maximum of 72 hours in advance
  • Members-only events
  • Unlimited gun rental including Class III items​

​​        ...And more!  See store for details.

Individual Membership

  • One-time initiation fee: $50
  • Only $40.00/month with an annual commitment
  • Range fee: $10 per guest
  • Unlimited handgun rentals

Couples Membership

  • One-time initiation fee: $75
  • Only $50.00/month with an annual commitment
  • Range fee: $10 per guest
  • Unlimited handgun rentals


Family Membership

Includes both spouses & dependent children ages 12 to 18 living at home & up to 21 while enrolled in college

  • One-time initiation fee:  $75
  • Only $60/month with an annual commitment


Corporate Membership
All the benefits of a regular membership
$1,100 per year & $250 one-time initiation fee

  • Includes 4 members
  • Additional members are only $250/year


Available for active/retired Law Enforcement,

Fire, EMS, & all Military

Enjoy all the benefits of a regular membership with the following plans available:  

Honor & Duty Individual

  • One-time initiation fee: $40
  • Only $30/month with an annual commitment

Honor & Duty Couple

  • One-time initiation fee: $50
  • Only $40/month with an annual commitment

Honor & Duty Family

  • One-time initiation fee: $60
  • Only $50/month with an annual commitment

Holster Certification

  • Add-on to any membership.
  • One-time initiation fee:  $99
  • Annual renewal: $25
  • Certification which allows members to carry and train from their holster while on the range.


With so many benefits, it makes sense to become a SharpShooters USA Member today!

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Online orders & transfers can be picked up at our 
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