Our Mancom Instructor Series shooting booths provide separation between shooters on the firing line as well as protection from stray rounds. The large ballistic glass panels in each booth allows our Range Safety Officers and training personnel a clear view of every shooter for safety and instruction purposes.


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We are committed to providing you with a safe & exciting shooting experience that is second to none.  The equipment we use plays a vital role in making this happen. From state of the art tactical lanes to the latest in air filtration technology, our facility offers the most advanced range options on the market today.

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Roswell, GA 30076


We have installed Action Target’s Total Containment Trap, the leading steel bullet trap in the industry. Its unique design captures, decelerates, and disposes of all bullets and bullet fragments, virtually eliminating the danger of splatter or ricochet. It also allows a shooter to safely fire from multiple angles across lanes, enhancing options for tactical training.


Our lanes are outfitted with Mancom’s Touch Plus digital target retrieval system. Each shooting station features an intuitive touch screen that allows the user control over their target’s distance.