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Tom Deets, President and Managing Partner
Contact Tom at tdeets@sharpshootersusa.com

Jake Kroa, Gunsmith
Trained at the prestigious Colorado School of Trades, Jake, a professional gunsmith since 2009, is proficient with most prominent makes and models of rifles, shotguns, and handguns and specializing in AR-15s, AK47s, CZ handguns, and Smith and Wesson revolvers.  He is available Tuesday through Saturday.  Jake offers private training instruction on the care and maintenance of your gun, by appointment only.

Joe Satterfield, Director of Firearms Training
Contact Joe at jsatterfield@sharpshootersusa.com
Joe Satterfield is a full time law enforcement officer, SWAT Team Commander and Firearms Instructor.  Joe has over 10 years of tactical team experience and over 16 years of teaching firearms related subjects. He is certified by the State of Georgia as a Senior Instructor and holds additional certifications in firearms, defensive tactics, and sub-machine gun. He is a graduate of the Master SWAT course, Bill Rogers' Shooting School (Advanced), Thunder Ranch, US Military Police Counter sniper School, and the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training WMD Tactical Operations Course among many others.  Satterfield also shoots professionally in the 3 Gun Nation points series and is sponsored by FNH-USA, GA Arms, Tru-Spec Atlanco, Vortex Optics, and CPWSA. He won Gold as a member of the US National Shotgun Team at the 2010 Pan-American Championship, has won the prestigious Florida Open Pistol Tournament (Single Stack Division) and has many other competitive successes.  He is a family man who believes strongly in the Second Amendment and particularly enjoys training new shooters, younger people, and ladies interested in personal defense.  As Director of Training for SharpShooters USA, Joe teaches all available courses as well as private and small group lessons.

John New, Firearms Instructor
Contact John at jnew@sharpshootersusa.com
John New is a graduate of the Columbus State University Georgia Law Enforcement Professional Management Program and has been employed with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office since 1993.  During this time, he has served in 911 dispatch, the adult detention center, uniform patrol division, training division, SWAT, and narcotics. From 2007 - 2010, Lieutenant New was detached from the Sheriff's Office and assigned to the Atlanta High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area as a sworn DEA Agent. He is currently the Assistant Commander of the BridgeMill Precinct and Assistant Team Commander for the Department's 30 man SWAT team. He also assists the agency as a part time general instructor and firearms instructor.  Lieutenant New is a Certified Firearms Instructor through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and holds an Advanced Level III S.W.A.T. Certification, the highest level in the nation.  He teaches the Introduction to Handgun Safety and Concealed Carry Courses and is also available for private and small group lessons.

Lois V. Woods, Firearms Instructor

Contact Lois at lois@sharpshootersusa.com
Lois V. Woods is currently a Senior Criminal Investigator for the Clayton County Solicitor General's Office where she assists with the accusation and criminal prosecution of defendants. In addition to her investigative duties, Lois is the Firearms Instructor and Departmental Training Officer and assists the Chief Investigator with the day to day operations of the department.  Lois has received specialized training in Precision Shooting Development, Addressing Multiple Adversaries, Judgmental Pistol Shooting, Low-Light Shooting, Shooting While Moving and Shooting Moving Targets.  She also assists with firearms training for numerous law enforcement agencies at departmental firing ranges in Clayton, Fulton and DeKalb counties. She conducts training for new law enforcement recruits in basic mandate, as well as in-service training for seasoned officers at various law enforcement academies. She also teaches and evaluates Instructor Training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center as well the Georgia Department of Corrections.  Lois is a Georgia P.O.S.T. certified Master Instructor and has extensive law enforcement training with advanced certifications in, Firearms, Instructor Training, Domestic Violence, Crisis Intervention Training, Interviews and Interrogations, Criminal Procedure, Victim Advocacy, and Sex Offense Investigations.  She teaches Introduction to Handgun Safety and Ladies Concealed Carry Courses, and is also available for private lessons.

Shaun Kennedy, Firearms Instructor
Contact Shaun at shaun@sharpshootersusa.com
Shaun Kennedy,  a full-time Firefighter with Dekalb County Fire and Rescue, is currently assigned to the Technical Rescue Company at Station 24.  He is a Georgia Search and Rescue (GSAR), Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), and a Fire Service Instructor.  He also serves as a SWAT Medic for Dekalb County PD, Georgia State Patrol, and some Federal agencies, as well as a diver on the Georgia State Dive Rescue Team. Kennedy, shooting since a child, is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He is trained in CQB Pistol and CQB Rifle Tactics, as well as Defensive Tactics, both lethal and non-lethal.   He is available for private and small group lessons.

Nate Kern, Firearms Instructor
Bio coming soon.

Mike Duncan, Firearms Instructor
Contact Mike at mike@sharpshootersusa.com
Bio coming soon.

Melissa Shaw, Firearms Instructor
Melissa Shaw is a full time law enforcement officer and has been employed with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office since June of 1998.  Shaw is currently assigned to the Training Division where she is a full time instructor for the agency.  She not only teaches personnel  from the her agency but law enforcement officers from around the state of Georgia.  She is a certified General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Emergency Vehicles Operations Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, and Sniper Rifle Instructor (Sniper Craft).  She is currently a member of the Cherokee County Multi-Agency SWAT team and is currently assigned as a Sniper for the team. She has been on the team since 2003.  She is the first and only female member of the team.  Since being on the team she has attended many specialized tactical training.  Some of her achievements have been obtaining the title of a Master SWAT Operator (Advanced Level III SWAT Certification), and attending Sniper Level II, Bill Rogers’ Shooting School, Special Application .50 Cal Course. She is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps (1992-1996) and United States Marine Corps Reserves (1996-1999).  Shaw teaches the Introduction to Handgun Safety and Ladies Concealed Carry Courses, as well as private lessons.