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Bolt Action Cerakote:

Barreled Action & Metal Parts:  $185

FAL / L1A1 Cerakote:

Complete Rifle:  $185

SharpShooters USA offers cerakote finishes in different color choices, which may be applied to the entire firearm or individual parts.  Prices may vary slightly depending on complexity of disassembly and assembly of firearm.  Solid colors only. 

AR15 / AR10 / AK Type Rifle Cerakote:

Stripped Upper:  $65

Stripped Lower:  $85

Handguard:  $85

Barrel:  $60

Upper, lower, handguard:  $185

Small Parts:  $45

Pistol Cerakote:

Slide:  $60

Frame:  $80

Small Parts:  $25